Join us!

Why join Gold Fever?

Because we only work with the best raw material on the market, and this material is limited. This, coupled with the fact that we use the most innovative and gentle production techniques, allows us to create the best hair extensions the world has ever seen.

Gold Fever Hair Extensions Dubai

We are investing in salons that we invite to be part of our program by supplying state of the art equipment, and training and certification at a minimal cost for those who demonstrate the high level of excellence and passion that also drives us.

Whether you’re an established salon or just starting out, Gold Fever gives you the tools and resources you need and become part of an international network – or family, as we call it - of salons.

Gold Fever UAE Partners Program

Our return will come as a natural result of your success so there will be a discretionary availability of equipment for this purpose. We will be happy to partner with salons that meet this essential, mutual commitment to excellence.


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