Gold Fever Luxury Hair Extensions

The hair used by Gold Fever is called “Remis (or Remy)“, a French word derived from “remettre en ordre” which means “to sort out”. In the hair industry, remy hair implies that all the single hairs in a particular bundle are all aligned in the same direction, with their cuticle intact and facing in the same direction, just as hair grows on a person’s head.

Work ethics and respect of cultures and environment are a must for Gold Fever; that is why we are very mindful in respecting the Indian hair traceability standards during the hair procurement process.

We use Indian hair of the finest grade because, besides being excellent quality, it has a structure which makes it universally compatible with natural hair and is the only real, ethical and traceable hair on the market.

Gold Fever UAE Natural Hair Extensions

Gold Fever hair comes from the tonsure in Indian Temples. The tonsure is part of a religious ceremony: hair is donated at no cost by willing and happy worshipers to their Gods, as a gesture of gratitude for prayers answered and is a long-standing tradition in the Indian culture.

The funds raised by the Temple’s subsequent sales of this hair are utilised for the building of schools, hospitals and other charitable causes, all of which has been thoroughly researched and verified by many journalists and documentary makers.

With the utmost respect for the environment, then use ecological and biological products on the hair, maintaining the hair’s natural beauty, and boosting its shine and stylability far more than chemical products.


Natural Drawn™

We at Gold Fever strive to always provide you with the best. This is why we have launched our new, improved version of double drawn hair, Natural Drawn™ or ND™.

Our Natural Drawn™ hair is still double drawn, but with greater advantages for the stylist and the client:

Gold Fever UAE Natural Hair Extensions
  • greater compatibility with clients’ own hair
  • smoother, tangle free combing
  • easier to cut and style
  • perfect thickness on the ends to achieve volume and length

With incredible feedback we received from our top stylists working with the new ND™ range, we know we’ve created the long-awaited perfect hair format that suits the needs of our discerning clientele.

Whether it’s volume, length, or both, our new ND™ line delivers incredible results for stylists and their clients, who will find it much easier to cut, manage, and style because it blends more naturally with the clients’ own hair. All of this without compromising on the thickness on the ends and the overall exceptional quality of Gold Fever hair and our exclusive protein bond.

The superior quality of Gold Fever ND™ hair guarantees shine and an incomparable comb-ability; the hair is extremely silky and nourished even after many washes. The innovative application method makes the extensions perfectly invisible and preserves the clients’ natural hair for the entire duration, even during the removal process.


Gold Fever Protein Tips™

Our single strand extensions are applied thanks to a protein-based polymer, very similar to the famous keratin. The enormous advantage of our “Protein Tips ™” is that they act as a perfect bridge between the client’s natural hair and the extension, respecting the molecular structure of the hair and allowing the hair to breathe and behave exactly as it would in nature, and at the same time ensuring an excellent grip and durability of the extensions.

Gold Fever Hair Extensions Protein Tips

The Gold Fever Protein Tips ™ are perfectly symmetrical on both sides of the bond, allowing the stylist to cut them horizontally, not just vertically. The horizontal cut of the Protein Tip ™ allows the stylist to apply the strands in more delicate areas of the head where the client’s natural hair is thinner and more delicate. This allows the stylist to safely apply the tailored strands using the Gold Fever application technique.


Our colour range

Gold Fever offers a vast choice of colours and nuances that can be combined together for a perfectly natural effect. It is possible to blend strands of hair of the same color, or combine different colours to obtain different nuances and reflections, thus achieving the most natural look. Customised colours are also available upon request.

Gold Fever UAE Hair Extensions Colours


Gold Fever Vs competition

An independent research (Care About Research, Dec. 2017) carried out by Top Hair Magazine shows how Gold Fever hair compares to the global competition making it the best choice for both stylists and their clients.

Gold Fever Best Hair Extensions Global Survey


If you'd like to see samples of our hair, simply get in touch; guaranteed you'll love Gold Fever hair extensions too!