The wait is finally over

It took us a while but we eventually made it to the UAE, only a few details to finalise until Gold Fever Luxury Hair extensions will be available in several salons across Dubai.

We are bringing our new Natural Drawn™ range, certain to have created the long-awaited hair format that suits the needs of our discerning clientele.

Gold Fever UAE Natural Drawn

For those of you who don't know Gold Fever; we are passionate about hair and we are constantly engaged in research in order to guarantee a product of the highest quality coupled with an impeccable application technology.

Our exclusive formulas, our unique knowledge of processing hair and our avant-guard technology, allow us to offer the best extensions you can find in today’s global market, thus asserting our commitment to excellence and ethicality.

Gold Fever uses only the finest Indian hair, 100% ethical and traceable. We personally oversee what we buy and how it is processed in our facilities, and we scrupulously follow every phase of the transformation process.

Work ethic and respect of cultures and environment are a must for Gold Fever; that is why we are very mindful in respecting the Indian hair traceability standards during the hair procurement process.

We utilise Indian hair of the finest quality because, besides having an excellent quality, it has a structure which makes it compatible with our own natural hair and it is the only real, ethical and traceable hair on the market.

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